Thyroid and Diabetes


Living and Managing – Diabetes

Managing both thyroid disorder and diabetes is possible. Things can feel difficult at first, with both thyroid disorders and diabetes, but having access to expert information on what to do, and the right resources to continue treatment can help. At a:care, we understand this can be a difficult and tiring process, and that is why, … Continued


Diagnosis and Tests

Taking control of your thyroid disorder is now easy At Abbott, our aim is to give you the most accurate and useful information that can help you manage your health better and live a healthy and fulfilling life. We understand that medications and tests can cost a lot, which is why a:care brings you discounts … Continued


Risks and Symptoms – Diabetes

Risks & Symptoms If you are being treated for diabetes but are not able to see the expected results, it could be because of a hidden thyroid disorder. This is when you should go for a thyroid test, so that your doctor can rule out the possibility of a hidden thyroid problem.