Thyroid and Weight Gain

Risks and symptoms you need to know of, plus discounts on tests you can avail.

Don’t let thyroid weigh you down


Risks and symptoms

Is it just weight gain or is it Thyroweight? There is a connection between your thyroid disorder and your overall weight, from gaining more to suddenly losing weight, it could be a thyroid problem. Meeting your doctor for a physical examination and a simple blood test can help find the cause. Timely diagnosis and treatment … Continued


Diagnosis and Tests

Taking control of your thyroid disorder is now easy At Abbott, our aim is to give you the most accurate and useful information that can help you manage your health better and live a healthy and fulfilling life. We understand that medications and tests can cost a lot, which is why a:care brings you discounts … Continued


Living and Managing

Managing thyroid disorders doesn’t have to be hard. The good news is – you can lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, even if you have a thyroid condition. Thyroid disorders don’t have to take control of your life, but with a positive attitude and the resources to manage your health, you can continue living … Continued

Is thyroid holding your life back?

Thyroid disorders don’t come with a warning, but ruling out the symptoms can help you live a fuller life.

Thyroid and Pregnancy

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