Thyroid during pregnancy

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Thyroid during pregnancy

Thyroid During Pregnancy

Thyroid and Pregnancy

Thyroid levels vary in different trimester, stay informed.

During pregnancy, the medicines, dosage and overall method of treatment will be different for managing thyroid levels or thyroid disorder.

Know about what symptoms to spot, the medicines and the treatment procedures, including further tests that may be required.

Information about family history of thyroid disorders, earlier pregnancies and other health issues also matter. At a:care, we have expert curated resources to let you manage thyroid and know what to discuss during the next doctor visit. 

Thyroid levels vary in different trimester, stay informed.

Things to watch out about thyroid during pregnancy

Learn more on nutrition and medication about thyroid levels in every trimester during pregnancy.

Your ultimate thyroid check-list for every trimester of your pregnancy

How to deal with thyroid during pregnancy