Thyroid and Pregnancy

Symptoms, ways to manage them, and discounts on tests for every trimester.

Don’t let thyroid disorders interfere with motherhood


Conception and Thyroid

Embracing motherhood can be possible with timely thyroid diagnosis. Thyroid disorders can affect fertility in both men and women and make it difficult to conceive. The thyroid hormone plays an important role in your overall health, and will also be very important for the overall health and development of your baby, right from the time … Continued


Thyroid During Pregnancy

Thyroid levels vary in different trimester, stay informed. During pregnancy, the medicines, dosage and overall method of treatment will be different for managing thyroid levels or thyroid disorder. Know about what symptoms to spot, the medicines and the treatment procedures, including further tests that may be required. Information about family history of thyroid disorders, earlier … Continued


Thyroid Post-Delivery

Spot the symptoms of post-natal thyroid disorder Are you having problems breastfeeding? Is your newborn often hungry? Are you often tired and exhausted and feel low and depressed? It doesn’t have to be just because of handling a new baby, but can also be signs of thyroid. At a:care, we help you spot some of … Continued

Is thyroid holding your life back?

Thyroid disorders don’t come with a warning, but ruling out the symptoms can help you live a fuller life.

Thyroid and Weight Gain

Thyroid and Diabetes