Ways To Avoid Diabetes Complications

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Ways To Avoid Diabetes Complications

Ways To Avoid Diabetes Complications

Managing Diabetes
Ways To Avoid Diabetes Complications



Ways To Avoid Diabetes Complications


Diabetes can increase your risk for many serious health problems. Diabetes complications occur because one or more parts of your body get damaged due to the condition. But, the good news is that you can manage it with proper treatment and certain lifestyle changes. Many people with diabetes have prevented or delayed the onset of complications with
round-the-clock commitment.1,2 



  • Keep a close eye on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels since diabetes increases the risk of heart disease3
  • Try to get at least 30 minutes a day of any activity like walking, dancing, swimming or a stationary bike for 5 days a week3
  • Always look out for signs of foot damage such as cuts, bruises, swelling, sores, change in colour, ulcers or hard skin regularly
  • Control your blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol for healthy eyes; also see your ophthalmologist and get retinal exams regularly7
  • Losing weight, quitting smoking, cutting down on alcohol and including physical activity in daily routine can improve sexual dysfunction8



  • Do not forget to take your medicines as prescribed and talk to your doctor about keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol in check3
  • Avoid smoking as it can increase risk of infections, heart disease, stroke, eye disease, nerve damage or kidney disease
  • Do not put oils or creams in between the toes since extra moisture can cause infection; also avoid soaking your feet
  • Do not ignore symptoms of eye emergencies such as loss of vision, holes in vision, black curtains over vision or hazy vision7  
  • Avoid very hot baths and showers, keep skin clean and dry as well as prevent dry skin by moisturizing your skin regularly


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*This is for patient education purposes only. Please consult your doctor/healthcare practitioner before starting any diet, medication or exercise.


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