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Diabetes and Well-Intentioned Food Pushers

– BY MARIA GIFFORD Living well with diabetes means putting in the hard work of making lifestyle changes, including choosing and sticking with the best food for managing the condition. Getting there can be a major accomplishment, but another obstacle, however well-intentioned, could come along: the food pusher. Food pushers probably have the best of intentions, … Continued


Factors Increasing Risk of Osteoarthritis

This article helps one differentiate between the impact of OA by various factors. It will deal with various person level and joint level factors that aggravate the symptoms of OA.  OA – Know Why? Osteoarthritis can increase in its occurrence and severity, due to reasons that can be classified as Person-level or Joint-level. Person-level include … Continued


How do you recognize OA?

This article will deal with the common symptoms of OA in various parts of the body. It further helps the reader in identifying the symptoms for the various body parts from just recognizing pain. Common Symptoms of OA How do you identify and understand the early warning signs of OA? Is pain the only decipherable … Continued


Osteoarthritis – Oh(A) What a pain!

This article will deal with introducing the reader to OA in an easy and common language with examples. It will identify with the reader on which parts of the body the impact of OA is likely, what reasons OA is caused due to and why it happens to one individual and not another. “Rest assured…Your … Continued